Hey ya! I’m Kieron and I love to ride my bike like a motherfucker and take pictures for fun. I feel at home with myself when I’m pedalling past the countryside enjoying my thoughts. This is a place for me to exercise those thoughts into written word and share the sights I see through those pictures.


After my first long distance bike ride from Sheffield to Lisbon, I am now in training to cycle 7000+km around Europe. The goal is to ride my bike and take in the sights along the way as I look for somewhere to sleep and refuel. Ultimately I want to get my self lost in a state of wonder and take in as much off life as I can on the other side of the world.


In other news, I sold my soul to the devil and all he gave me in return was a shitty Twitter account. So if you have anything to say to me, any cool places you think I should visit or even somewhere I could crash for the night, leave it on there or send me a message on here



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