Waking up in a hot tent is never nice. Waking up and being offered beer and coffee is the tits. A woman who was lived at the farm house was gererously forthcoming with the beverages and I got a bit overwhelmed with it and let out a VIVA LA FRANCE!!! To show my appreciation. 

Today I’m meeting back up with my cycle partner in crime. We were 80kms apart and I had 5 hours to get there. It was chill to take it at an easy pace. You could definitely tell it was Sunday, as regular peletons full of serious looking cyclist would come past all locked in French conversation. 

The sunshine was cooking me alive as I got to the remnants of the wedding celebrations. After being alone for the night it was nice to have flowing conversations in English with Mieke’s friends. They generously stuffed my face with cheese and then some cake whilst we waited for a storm to pass. The additional 45 minutes we were there was more than what I could have done with. Comfy chairs and good vibes are things I can never get enough of. 

The remaining riding for the day was a 15km spin to Saint Jean D’Angely. We were staying in an old converted Abbeye. We didn’t really hang around in it very long. Just a quick shower then out for some food. After taking a lap of the town we found a seafood restaurant and then went to town on the seafood. I was drunk within 2 sips of wine (such a lightweight). Mieke beat me at cards but I’m sure it was only because I was drunk hahaha. I’m such a bad loser, but it was an awesome way to end the week. I feel on top of the world. 

Today’s cycling is brought to you be ‘Sunshine’. Are you tired or you weather? Grey clouds getting you down? Is your snow just not hot enough for you? Then try the Solar Systems ‘Sunshine’. It’s hot, it’s bright and packed full of yummy vitamin D. Put your money away because it’s free (subject to availability and not suitable for gingers)


Today – 96.1kms, 536m climbed, 0 punctures, 0 baguettes

Total – 950.1kms, 6472m climbed, 0 punctures, 5 baguettes


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