Day 6 – My Sweet, Rebecca



It was such a bonus getting an additional nights sleep on a mattress. My breakfast supplies and electronics were charged up and full to the brim. I was now temporarily riding solo. My plan for the day was simple. Cycle to the beach and take it easy and chill.


My crosshair was aimed at La Rochelle, which was approximately 80kms away. It seemed to breeze by so quickly as I was on the phone to my sweetheart of a girlfriend Rebecca, the entire time. We hadn’t had much time to talk and have a proper conversation until then. So we were eager to make up for lost time. I had missed talking to her so much and the only perceived negative of my trip was that I couldn’t share more time with her.


The days ambition was done. I found myself at the sandy beaches of the west coast of France, and was drinking in the view of the Atlantic Ocean. Massive bodies of water like this always seem like an achievement to me. Like there is something in cycling across the land until there is no more land to cycle on. At least until someone invents a speedy aqua bike.


It was a strange but very welcome feeling of having freedom from time constraints. The beach wasn’t going to be as ideal as I had thought they would be as a storm was on the horizon and there were weather warnings. It didn’t put off a host of kite surfing bad boys as they seemed to revel in the conditions being offered up by nature. Myself however, retreaded to the safety of the local coffee shops and cafes for shelter.


I thought it would be a good idea to cycle another 10kms in land to somewhere, where the wind wasn’t as powerful and wouldn’t blow my tent to smithereens.  Stopping on a quiet patch of grass close to a small farm house, my tent was put up quickly and I locked my bike to a tree. The clouds had actually broken up and parted and I was treated to a lovely sunset. It was sweet to get to sleep without being completely depleted of energy. Getting into my tent before it had gotten dark, I spoke on the phone for a further 4 hours, falling for the woman that makes my heart beat faster than any bike ride ever could.


Todays cycling was brought to you LU’s Raspberry Napolitain – Because what is better on a hot day than stuffing these delicious melted chocolate with raspberry and chocolate sponges into your mouth. The truth is, a lot of things are better, but these are up there for sure. Y’all welcome.



Today – 102kms, 516m climbed, 0 punctures, 1 baguette

Total – 854kms, 5936m climbed, 0 punctures, 5 baguettes


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