Day 5 – Never Break The Chain



Today is the last day of ‘Operation get Mieke to the wedding’. Under the circumstances, we were feeling as fresh as could be with a relatively short 85 mile ride ahead of us, we were G’ed up to the gills like a couple of 1,2 bad boys. 2 miles into it CRUNCH!! and SNAP!!. Mieke’s chain had tapped out and was on the floor in one long piece.


I felt we handled it with a decent amount of cool, after all we were still in decent sized french town with plenty of access to plenty of internet. A quick Google search later, we had a half hour walk on our hands. We still managed to fuck it up a bit by going to a dispatch depot of Velo-cite before some guy drew us a map of how to get to the main shop. Lucky it was only round a couple of corners. We got there and the dudes there were super helpful and hooked us up straight away. I treated myself to a new jersey to represent the Velo-cite, Bressuire crew and stocked up on some cycling socks. Not a bad little excursion.


Take 2. Back to it and 2 hours behind schedule. I guess it turned out to be worthwhile for a few reasons as Mieke had full use of all her gears once more. Her power increase was significant as our speed was noticeable faster. I’m sure she was trying to race me at times as she would regularly fly past me. I love her competitive nature. It is one of many things we share.


Our spirits were not dampened by the chain incident at all. We are good for each other in that we both like to look at things in a positive way. Unlike the days before, today felt like it was a lot easier on the bike. As we continued heading south, the country became more rural. Red terracotta roofs began to appear on the houses, there were beautiful country lanes and incredible looking fields containing masses and masses of sunflowers.


We had a celebratory pizza break at the 100km mark outside a tiny french settlement. I had been carrying it in my bag for a few hours and now was the time to have a pizza stop. Before we had a mini pig-out, we just lay on the grass in silence. It was so serene and peaceful. The only noises that could be heard were ones of nature. It felt like one of life’s treats just to lay there uninterrupted by anything. Bliss.


The remaining 20 miles of the day were ours to enjoy. We had almost reached the goal of our trip, to cycle to the wedding. The last leg of our riding we managed to get into the slipstream of a small tractor and we had made it.


The wedding house was beautiful. It looked very picturesque and an ideal setting for the ceremony that it was intended. I met Chris and Mandy (the husband and wife to be) and a whole host of Mieke’s friends. My plan was to find somewhere to camp for the night. That soon changed as they found me a spare bed for the night and in no way was I going to turn it down for a night in a tent. I was grateful for their hospitality as they filled my belly with food and beer. It was a great way to end an awesome day as I even got to wash all my clothes.


Todays cycling was brought to you by Cherry Coke – Are you sick and tired of your regular, plain old, boring Coca Cola? Then you should try Cherry Coke in a purple can. I know what you are thinking, I can’t afford that luxury. What is it, like a million pounds? Nut-uh. It’s the exact same price as that dusty other stuff. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!



Today – 135.5kms, 1056m climbed, 0 punctures, 2 baguettes

Total – 752kms, 5420m climbed, 0 punctures, 4 baguettes


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