Day 4 – More Fun Than Pain



Hump day like a motherfucker. It feels like some one stole my body whilst I slept and used it as a crash test dummy for the night, and then returned it just in time for me to wake up and repossess it. It was tough going.

Today, we started like a team


Normally I loving giving a massive “BONJOUR” with far too much gusto than is necessary. It’s borderline psychotic/creepy (it totally is psychotic/creepy), however I barely wanted to look at anyone this morning. It was another scorcher at 34C and rising. It was a lovely day, but a bit too lovely for my current mood.



Long, straight, undulating roads were adding to my self pity. They were visually tough to take as you could see the road miles ahead. For every couple of minutes of uphill, the respite seemed unfairly short lived.



We stopped at our 1st sexy little boulangerie to recoup some energy and take a break from our saddles which were beginning to feel like sitting on bricks. I’m a sucker for sugar and you could definitely say I have a sweet tooth. But it more like at least 6 sweet teeth. My mood was transformed. Chocolate pastries and tart aux fruits were definitely where it was at.



Now I was right for enjoying the shit out of life again. Back on the bike in high spirits. A couple of kms down the road we passed a freaky ‘I don’t know what the fuck to call it’ outside a church. It was essentially loads of mannequins dressed up from different countries all around the world. We had ourselves a little world tour.


Today, I rediscovered an old favourite past time. On paper it is a dark activity. But last time I was cycling in France, I found out that every cemetery in France has a tap with cold running water. It feels 100% wrong celebrating when you see all the tombstones ahead, but hydration is a fucking godsend on a day as hot as today. Not only is it sweet as fuck to quench your thirst with cold water but to have a cold shower is amazing for the body and soul.




As we were getting close to our destination for the evening we said we would only make a stop for some beer if they were giving out free watermelon to go with it. Ironically when we arrived at our Air Bnb in Bressuire, our host generously offered us some beer and watermelon. What are the chances?!


Todays cycling is brought to you by ‘Orangina’, you gotta shake that shit to wake that shit.



Today – 185.7kms, 1568m climbed, 0 punctures, 2 baguettes

Total – 616.5km, 4364m climbed, 0 punctures, 2 baguettes



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