1+1= a couple of freaks on a bike – Day 2

First things first, Meike is an awesome host, felt like I had hot drinks and biscuits on tap. It was great to catch up and pump ourselves up with mutual excitement, whilst also having some Tour de France action on in the background to fulfil all things cycling.

So today we are joining forces by cycling a 1000 mile, round trip to Annepont France and back to London. Our first day was from London to Portsmouth. At first it was very stop, start, as we left the London hustle behind. But after that it was mainly plain sailing as we coasted down canal routes and quiet back roads until we hit the coast. It was a few short seaside miles until we got there. Buzzing, we had to get ourselves in the sea (you gotta right), chomped some food down and grabbed a beer. Despite what felt like a massive shit show of a disco on board the ferry, I feel on top the world. We also met a couple of cool dude cyclists on there too.


Today – 154.5kms, 683m climbed, 0 punctures

Total – 248.2, 1389m climbed, 0 punctures


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  1. Mieke Stones says:

    Nice write-up Kieron, can’t believe this is done and dusted now! Onto the next adventure 🙂

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  2. Mandy says:

    Well done. Love reading this and getting some of the details that we were just imagining before as you steamed towards us! Great to meet you, feeling very inspired by both you and Mieks. Good luck with the big ride.

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