Minds Change

Minds change, but not always of their own accord. At least mine didn’t, not this time. I was planing on cycling around the USA, (and possibly Canada and Mexico) and was genuine about achieving that ambition until it came to acquiring that all important US visa. In particular, I got discouraged by my exit plan, my length of stay and having no contact person or even a single place I knew where I’d be staying. Basically, the openness and spontaneous nature of my trip was working against me here. Perhaps there is a solid way around those supposed hurdles, but personally I didn’t want to risk getting all the way there just to be disappointed by an immigration officer who thinks that my attempts to get into his country are BULLSHIT.

So rather than giving myself something to potentially worry about, I have become divorced from the USA dream, and instead, decided to roll with the punches and gone for what on paper, should be much easier in terms of freedom of movement. The intention is to take in a lot of Europe that I have not yet had the chance to explore. The new dream starts at my door step and finishes where ever I want it to. I’m aiming to go bigger and longer than I ever have before.

Currently, it feels like life is being very kind to me. I seem to be getting news and information that is exciting me to the core a little too regular than seems fair. It ain’t wasted on me, as it makes me feel grateful to even be alive (and all I want to do is spread and share that feeling, as well as taking the time to embrace it for myself)


You see, Ive always wanted to share the experience of some serious long distance cycling with a buddy, and now it turns out, I have that opportunity to tear up France, with my good friend and supreme inspiration, Mieke. We will be cycling from London, to Annepont, France, and back and I wouldn’t choose any other cycling companion for this.

It has seemingly come out the blue, and in order to make it all happen, I’ve had to jiggle some other things around in my life around. For a few months in my own head, I’ve been rigidly sticking to my own jam-packed schedule. However, more recently I’ve been allowing outside factors to slot in, and it feels like its really paying off. I’m treating it as a fresh reminder that you don’t always have to control every aspect of your life. With a solid positive attitude and the ability to love being alive, whilst taking it as it comes, you will come out feeling like the big winner.

After returning from France, the plan is to then get a ferry from England, to Holland, where from there Europe, will be my oyster. I plan for nothing other than riding my bike and enjoying being alive.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”
-Alvin Toffler (futurist and philosopher)


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  1. Barbara ramsay says:

    Love it n live it Kier…😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kieronramsay says:

      Thanks auntie B


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