I’ve never been to….Wales – Day 3 – Warwick to Sheffield

In an effort to make the most of my weekends, me and my bike have decided that, we want to hit the road together, and go places. The very idea of being a sofa lizard, scares me into adventure and to seek out  life experience. This week, I purchased some panniers and a lightweight sleeping bag for bike trips. All that was left for me to do, was ‘G’ myself up for some exploring and then get down on it.


Over the previous 2 days of cycling, I had accumulated 300km of distance and was left with the last leg from my mums house to my house. Here is how it went.


Lets get this out in the open straight away, day 3 kicked my arse. I loved waking up at my old home and couldn’t have asked for a better start to the day. Getting up and sharing a massive cooked breakfast felt like a true luxury. As soon as it actually became time to start pedalling, it felt like someone had just lit 2 Guy Fawkes style bonfires inside my thighs.


I’ve done this ride quite a few times before, so in order to mix it up and increase exploration, I thought I’d cycle down a road I previously hadn’t in an attempt to get purposely lost. Less than 20 minutes had passed before I proclaimed myself to be a stupid faced, idiot mong. The wind was now howling right in my face and it was going to take me longer to get home. Who’s bright idea was this anyway?


The closer to Sheffield I was getting, I felt that ‘almost home euphoria’ kick in. It begin to over take my earlier whinging mentality more and more until I was over the moon to be back home. It felt great to be back on the multi-day bike ride wagon once again. For me it was a weekend very well spent and I can’t wait for another slice of something similar.


“Going whichever way the wind blows”

-Pete DrogeIMG_1274IMG_1281


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