Grey (Doesn’t) Matter

Not that I had fallen out of love with it, but at the moment I am super loved-up for cycling. I compare it to the feeling of when you have been in a relationship for a while, and you look at your girl/boyfriend and think to yourself, wow I still really fancy them. Thats how it feels when I’m riding my bike at the moment.


Round these parts, the weather has been a real mixed bag lately. Life is like the weather in Sheffield, you never know what you’re gonna get. Tom Hanks never said that, but if he did, it would be entirely appropriate for me to use it here. Some days it feels like the start of summer, I even wore shorts for the 1st time this year and didn’t get the shivers. But it seems like the days that I set aside to do bigger rides, I get the traditional grey skies that tend to dull the world. Usually with that, you could expect the demotivation genes in my cells to be engaged and ride another day instead. But thanks to the revival of my pedalling passion, I just can’t get enough. So this week I have been trying to take pictures of vibrant and colourful things to contrast the GREEEEEEEEEY.




As I am becoming more focused on training for my upcoming trip this summer, I’m left with a lot less free time. Unfortunately this means reining in other hobbies in my life. There simply isn’t enough hours in the day for me to do all the things I enjoy doing. As much as I’m reluctant to shit-can rock climbing for a while, it needs to be sacrificed. This makes me feel mature.


In the next coming few weekends, I intend on pushing myself harder and visiting some places that are new to me.


“Its funny how you find you enjoy your life, when you’re happy to be alive”

-Relient K



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  1. Beautiful pictures šŸ™‚

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