New bike, new challenge, same old fun.

Its a new year, i have a new bike and a new challenge designed to kick my arse.

April O’Neal

Since the moment I returned home form my last adventure, it felt inevitable that I would be doing the same in the near future. The experience was so profoundly massive for me, that it was a matter of time until I had another taste. The 9-5 life can fuck the fuck off. The grind of it just has no appeal. I can appreciate that people can enjoy working hard in order to achieve something or for a greater purpose, but for me, that hard work should be used as efficiently as possible in order to best serve yourself, and unless there is a useful skill or a worthwhile lesson, I feel working my socks off for someone else is a waste of my time. I personally believe we all work too much and we are too quick in telling ourselves that this is the way it HAS to be. I no longer accept it.

Travel is a subject I enjoy talking about and generally encourage. Those that have previously travelled tend to agree on its value and thats great for them. But I would like to influence a group of people that I commonly speak to as well. I call this group of people “cautiously ambitious”  and regularly from those sorts, I hear something along the lines of “you’re so lucky, I wish I could do that”. Then they proceed to “I cant just quit my job” then “but I need money for…..” and so on. To me it seems that we tell ourselves that we cant just quit ours jobs, and we justify our extreme working life styles in some kind of self-sabotage, that stops us from achieving any personal travel ambitions. So hopefully, if I could manage to stimulate at least one person who is thinking of travelling for the 1st time into action, then AWESOME.

So I’ve been getting myself excited by drawing virtual lines on the map that would be a fun bike ride. After a while I came to settle on cycling most of a lap of the USA and then as far south as i can manage. The American bike riding part alone would be over 5000 miles of peddling bliss. You’re probably thinking that it is an ambitious dream, and you would be absolutely correct. But I plan on working hard to get myself into the right condition to make it become a reality.

Last year was kind of a year off from my bike riding escapades. Not through choice as my previous baby got stolen (RIP Olivia Fox 2015-2016, she was a great lover and a friend to all). I bought a cheap replacement for my daily commute, but it just wasn’t good enough to stop my heartache. Basically what that means is that I haven’t done any significant cycling for the past 9 months. My legs are out of their normal cycling condition and my cardio is miles away from where it needs to be to achieve mega distance cycling day after day. Initially I am setting myself small weekly goals of 100 miles per week. Then over the next 6 months or so, I’m going to significantly increase my work load and document my plans and progression, with the purpose of hopefully inspiring others to be more active, and perhaps whittle away any unwanted life obstacles so you can fuel the good times ahead.


You look and you see a mousetrap, I look and I see some free cheese and a fucking challenge.

-Scroobius Pip


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