Heeeey, Who turned the lights on?

IMG_0804As the early risers are probably fully aware already, the sun is getting up and at it earlier in day too. Its a lot milder by normal standards, but still freezing on the regs. England is heading for spring and I for one, would like to welcome it. Its a romantic time of year on paper. The rebirth of all the flowers, blossoms on the trees return and add colour to the landscape, giving it a vivid quality of beauty. But also common on this island at this time of year is rain, rain, rain and other mixed weather that doesn’t give a fuck that you want to be outside.


Initially I’m going to be kind to myself and skip a couple of terrible weather days as I’ve only just recovered from a bout of illness and could really do with not getting sick again. Ultimately you just have to force yourself out there. It is going to be wet, cold, windy and snowy, but even worse than that is the idea of myself becoming soft and weak willed. There has been talk of our house getting an indoor trainer, however it just doesn’t compare to the open road.


So the weather is becoming fair and that is encouraging me to put the time in on the saddle more frequently. I have my first big boy bike ride coming up for quite some time. Me and 2 friends are planing a ride from London to Nottingham over the weekend with myself adding an additional 60km/40miles so I can return home for work on Monday morning.


I’m starting to feel like I have a bit more juice in my thighs recently and have plucked up the courage needed to go for some longer rides in the peak district. It is genuinely the toughest terrain I have ever cycled, and is more than ideal for training as everything else feels easier by comparison in my opinion.


“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”
– Author unknown


Nifty little bike hack – Mudguard made from a juice bottle

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