Guilty of Being ill And Other Human Flaws

As a species,’the human people’ are awesome. For sure there are some shit bags walking around out in the world too, but for the most part were pretty damn good. We are all composed of many cogs that make us individually beautiful. Part of that make-up that allows us to excel in grade-A awesomeness, is our ability to think. We think our thoughts, which can lead us to hopes and dreams, that can fuel our ambitions to innovate and create. We then have the luxury to develop hobbies and interests that could take us down a path we never even dreamt of in the first place. One thing follows another and before we know it, we are traveling at the speed of life.

Every once in a while we can get caught up in our own lives, and can start to feel a bit shitty about it for a number of reasons. It could be, we feel we could be doing better than we are currently, could be thinner, could be …whatever. Holding ourselves to a high standard can drive us to becoming a ‘better’ version of ourselves. But is that really worth giving yourself a hard time over, when what you could really do with, is some straight up LOVE from yourself (that doesn’t mean masterbaiting).

Whatever the weather, I’m gonna come back stronger

Recently, I found myself giving me a hard time for being a human being. I ate some tandoori chicken that turned out to be a massive insult to my digestive system. Initially I tried to resist being ill and was expecting myself to be fully back to normal in no time. so I tried to carry on going about my days as per. I was starting to worry about falling behind on my schedule and goals. However, after 3 or 4 days of mainly sitting at home, keeping a more than watchful eye on the bathroom, the realisation finally set in. My reality at that time was, I was really ill and weak. I had to accept that I wasn’t able to ride my bike, go rock climbing or do some yoga. Once this was truly acknowledged in my head, and this may sound a little crazy, my mind was at peace and I was then able to enjoy being ill*. I re-framed it in my head, as a lovely window of time, which I could fill with some guilt free reading, painting and some solid gaming.

*Throwing up vanilla ice cream is a true treat of the world.

“It had long since come to my attention, that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things”

-Leonardo Da Vinci


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