The Peak District

Hello again and welcome to my first post from 2016 about a bike ride from the same year. As I’m currently not destroying my body by stringing together back to back, to back, to back 100 milers this year. I’m going to try focus on riding my bike to a variety of new places and with as much tasty scenery i can so i can still offer up a bike report with something good to look at.

My 1st ride for pleasure this year (by bike) was a familiar one as i just wanted to take advantage a beautifully crispy fresh day. i finished work at 14:00 and had 3 hours of good sunlight left.

Feeling a renewed sense of love for riding my bike properly for the 1st time in a couple of months, I decided to go past some of my favourite sights because i know myself pretty well and knew id find it tough not to get gushy taking in some of the views.

Today was a big reminder of how much i love being outside.



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