Last days – Portugal

This is a collection of pictures from my phone covering my last couple of days cycling from Porto to Lisbon. I mostly rode the Santiago Route.

it took my 3 days in total riding with little to no brakes and with my gear cable snapped (meaning i was stuck in the hardest gear). all in all it doesn’t sound like a desirable activity. but for me the pressure was off. i knew that in a short time i would be returning to sheffield to a bed, the warmth of being indoors and other things which i used to take for granted. so i was ok with it all.

After arriving in Lisbon, i hung out at the airpot for about 60 hours. i had euros left and i wanted to explore and make the most of my remaining time on this bad boy adventure. But in all honesty I simply couldn’t be bothered. To me by this time i had satisfied my urges to explore and i just wanted to rest and to go home.

Thank you to all who have read this and supported me along the way.


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