Day 45 – Burgos to Valladolid (via Palencia)

Again I woke up feeling good to ride. I wasn’t in the greatest of states energy wise, but I knew I’d feel better once I had warmed up, but before I got my legs spinning, I had a 20 minute meditation session which seemed to boost my mood.

As I got going, the weather was a lot more Spanish than it had been. After my morning wake up ride, I took a break in a shitty restaurant of a road side hotel, to escape the afternoon heat.

Although I was in the mountains, the terrain was quite flat. It meant I was able to cycle another 200km+, but it was at the price of aching bones and muscles. It was tough to keep pedalling through the long, plain, flat highlands and stay motivated. I tryed out some ‘bike acrobatics’ in an attempt to stretch out painful muscles in my legs and bum.

On days like today. You try hard to lose your thoughts and go into auto pilot mode, just to get yourself through the kilometres. But it’s painful when you get a reminder in he form of a road sign that you still have 100kms to go AKA at least 4 more hours of this.

I stopped in a cafe in Palencia, which was about 30km from my destination for a chill out and a coffee. I didn’t really need the caffeine as much as just needing a break from the road. It was a long, long day and when I did eventually get to Valladolid, I didn’t feel like visiting anywhere or hanging out. I got myself a hot chocolate and charged my stuff for 20 mins before heading to the outskirts and sleep like a log.

“It’s been a hard days night”

-The Beatles


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  1. I really liked your pictures 🙂 seems like quite a trip!

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    1. kieronramsay says:

      it was more than quite the trip. it felt like it opened up my eyes to a new way of living. one that wasnt work orientated, but aimed at enjoying my time as much as possible. if all goes well i shall be doing another big trip later this year.

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    2. kieronramsay says:

      also thank you for your lovely words

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