Day 42 – Liedena to Lietza (via Pamplona)(Pyrenees)

My legs are telling me that they would pretty please with cherries on top, that they would like an easy day today. I though about it during my 50km warm up ride to Pamplona. On the way I found a mysterious looking tunnel that just had to be checked out.

My curiosity had got the better of me, and maaaaaan was I rewarded. It took me to an awesome little (it was massive) space, where there was a massive valley squeezed narrowly between to gigantic cliff faces.

Unfortunately in Pamplona there was no sports shop that was open and selling rear brake lights, so I had to give into the request of my legs and promised them o would stop when it got dark. And on top of that there was no crazed bulls causing havoc running down the streets chasing spaniards. What a let down.

I got one over on my stupid tired legs by cycling 100kms and climbing more than 1000 meters, and then to piss them off even more I didn’t even stop when it got dark.

I nearly cycled over this little fella, but managed to swerve and avoid him. Then gave him a few action shots.

So like I said I carried on into the night because I had started climbing a 899m hill as the sun was setting.

I had a mental, yet reasonable argument, with my legs, in my head, which went something like this;

My legs: hey, hey man. What’s going on here?  I thought you said we were stopping when it got dark?

My brain: yeah I know buddy, just one more climb and I’ll stop for you.

My legs: but you said-

My brain: I know what I fucking said boys, and I think you are forgetting who’s body you are attached to and you makes the decisions round here.


My brain: don’t get pissy with me. We will stop at the top

A bit later on……

My legs: ok, we are at the top now, it’s stop time

My brain: yeah the thing is boys. It’s pretty cold up here. It would be stupid to sleep at this altitude.

My legs: but didn’t you read somewhere that cold temperatures are good for muscle recovery, and especially for athletes who part take in endurance events.

My brain: yes I did, but done be a clever dick. We are going down to the bottom so the rest of the body can get warm.

My legs: I HATE YOU!!!!

“No we can’t change the world, but we sure can change the way we live”



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