Day 41 – Ayerbe to Liedena (Pyrenees)

Today’s cycling was the polar opposite of yesterday’s. The long flat boring roads of the N-240, were replaced by exciting, mountainous roads. I had turned into the fringes of the southern parts of the Pyrenees. I was starting to get excited as the jagged cliff faces in the distance got closer and closer.

In the 1st 60kms, I finally found a reason to fall in love with Spanish cycling. It was amazing to look at and challanging at the same time. I wish I had set of earlier as when it started to get dark I realised I had lost my rear light somewhere. I did push on a little in the dark, but it was simply to dangerous down the 100kmph speed limit roads.

I ate through another rear tire. I think this one lasted about 3 week-ish (for the record – Michelin 4 service course – €15 gets you approx 1500km)


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