Day 40 – Lleida to Ayerbe (via Huesta)

My body woke up with a serious cycling hangover. Every limb felt like it wasted of led, my legs  felt like they were still full of lactic acid, and it felt like I had a thirst that was simply unquenchable. A trip into the city was in order for a pre-ride warm up, and a pre-ride coffee up (cheeky side note – I drank 3 coffees but only got charged for 1 WHOOOP)

Today’s cycling was as boring as it gets. I was heading north west in the direction of San Sebastián. It meant I would be spending the next 3 days cycling on 1 road, the N-240. In this part of Spain it was taking me over a long, flat plains in between 2 mountain ranges. To the right were the southern parts of the Pyrenees, to my left was the northern part of the Ibericos. Together they funnelled the wind right down my throat all day long.

I did how ever find some shelter from my old nemesis, Gusto McWindy, behind this big green bastard for about 20 kilometres. It gave me a much needed break and meant I could ride at a steady 32kmph without really trying.

When I stopped for my daily siesta, I met another cyclist from Japan, who was doing a similar trip to mine (but shorter). It was a shame it was nap time for me because it would have been nice to have some company.

The evening portion of the ride, continued to be boring. The wind had died down, but it was like being on an excercise bike, just pedalling at the same constant pace for a couple of hours BORING!!! ….. And then I got to Huesta at about midnight. Huesta was having itself a little bit of fun in the form of a festival. They were celebrating a local flower which I think they made alcohol from. Everyone was dressed in green and white, and was in full tilt carnival mode. I locked my bike up and embraced the good times. It was just what my mojo needed.

I left just before 2am, only 30kms shy of my daily quota. I rode my legs off and sang my little heart out, very content with another days hard effort.

“good, good things happen in bad times”

-Karen O

Ultimate number 1, supremo cycling track

Yeah yeah yeahs – Turn into


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