Day 39 – El Papiol to Lleida

Whilst I was asleep, old farmer doubt had been sowing his downbeat seeds of pessimism I’m my brain. A combination of things had me in a shitty mood. At one point I’m sure something as small and trivial as a puncture would have me into calling it quits and heading for the nearest airport (fortunately I didn’t get one)

I went to the nearest coffee shop I could find to mull things over. I left with the concluding thought, that nothing makes me happier at the moment, than a beast of a bike ride. I summed it up with a new ethos of ‘Ride hard or go (ride) home’.

Spain was obviously willing to test me on how much I meant that by slapping my legs with over 1800 meters of climbing. It was a long but fulfilling test. Along the way I treated myself to a rest in a municipal swimming pool. I ended up swimming for a total of about 4 minutes, but took full advantage of a hot shower, washing all of my cycling jerseys, charging my devices and taking a 2 hour siesta.

I also passed a mountain Shepard and we spoke briefly. He was a bit of a dude but just could not take a decent photo of me with his horse. I don’t know what he was doing, he took about 16 photos. They were all either blurry of super light glared, but I’d just like to point out that you can clearly see how much bigger my legs are than his horses.

Along the way, I decided that I’d probably benefit from my time in Spain and Portugal, by part taking in some ‘Dracula cycling’. Riding at night gives me the advantage of a much friendlier cycling climate, and means I won’t have the hassle of busy roads. What a desicion it turned out to be. The night sky was super clear and the stars where giving me there number 1 display. It looked like an artist had been flicking a brush soaked with white paint at the sky, leaving a random pattern of sparkling light, then BAAAMMMM!!! Out of no where was a big flash of light across the sky. I shrieked like a bitch. I thought I had seen a shooting star previously, but it was nothing close to this. I let out massive WAAAHOOOO!!!! And cycled on. I was in serious trouble of neck ache, as I strained to look up for a while.

The meteor shower continued all night long till I eventually fell asleep with my head outside my tent. By this time my mood had spam a complete 180 degrees  from the morning and I was super happy to have spanked out 162 kilometres (101 miles)

“I’m not the man they think I am at home, oh no no no. IM A ROCKET MAAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!!”

-Elton John


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