Day 38 – Barcelona to El Papiol

Just like yesterday, I overslept the sunrise lighting up the horizon, but I still did get a tasty view of that great big flame ball in the sky.

Today was humid. It felt like being in a sauna that didn’t have an exit. The sea was great, but was only temporary relief because as soon as I got out, the hot saturated air made me feel uncomfortable again

I decided to give myself the afternoon off and treat myself to a belly full of food. I got the food bit done but still somehow ended up cycling 40 kilometres around Barcelona.

In preparation for a tough week through some Spanish mountain ranges, I bought Olivia Fox a new chain (new chain number 2)

The exit from the Catalonian capital, was on a road which went up and over Mont Sol l Aigua. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to be climbing so much as soon as this. It took me over 500 meter above sea level and it wasn’t welcome. It was SOOOOOO HOT, and I was sweating like a distance runner taking part in Saharan marathon. My jersey was drenched and my phones touch screen was refusing to work. Stopping in the first realist am I came across, I had a cafe con leche and had a wash in the toilets changing my entire sweat soaked outfit.

Back on my bike, sitting on that seat was very uncomfortable and the general arse area needed some medical attention. Serious chaffing meant it was time was a heavy application of ‘E45 intense recovery cream’

Later on inside my tent was horrible. It was way too hot and the humidity was still there. Sweat was still leaking out although I was doing nothing but laying there. I feel like this is a horrible taste of what is to come this month

Also there is a graffiti artist round these parts rocking my name—–>>>

“It’s gettin’ hot in here”



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