Day 37 – Platja D’Aro to Barcelona

I was hoping to wake up and catch a bit of a Mediterranean sunrise, being on the east coast of Spain and all. But in typical Kieron fashion, I woke up late. On the plus side it was hot enough for me to want to get into the sea.

After a triple coffee pick me up, I decided that the day’s plan was RIDE HARD, all the way to Barcelona.

The start of my 130km day, was a challenging ride up and over several cliffs that were in the way. The snaking roads would rise for around 100 meters, and then slalom back down to sea level. There were plenty of stopping points for photos along the way.

At one point, a local cyclist complimented me on my riding by saying “you have very good legs”. I thanked him and carried on. He then turned up the creep factor a bit by saying it again and adding a “No seriously. They are VERY good”. I decided that it was probably break time and hoped that he would stop with me.

JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTE:- I miss French drivers. They are kind, considerate and patiant. So far the Spanish drivers act like fucking pigs, I’m a rush to get nowhere. The cyclist are friendly but just to reiterate – SPANISH DRIVERS SUCK!!!!

As I got closer to Barcelona, the cliffs were replaced by sandy beaches. I exchanged the road for a romantic style beach cycle way cruise. Although it was definitely a cycle lane. I was getting frustrated by the large amount of people of would walk directly in the way without even a though as to the cycling traffic…..then I was guilty of it myself. I worked out that the annoying habit, which turned pedestrians into crash obsticals, was caused by the all you can eat buddy for your eyes, that was laying on the sand. Beautiful women for days, and I was in serious trouble of straining my neck, and it got me thinking that the Beach Boys should have written a song about Barcelona girls.

I got into town met up with my buddy Pedro, who I worked with in London 3ish years ago. Although it was brief, it was awesome to see a familiar friendly face. We went to his house and he treated me to some tapas and pasta. We stayed up talking till 2am. He is expecting a new baby in his life soon and I was genuinely happy for the dude. But for me it was back to the beach and tonight I was heading for Badalona. I discovered that people still go jogging here, even at 4am

New number 1, ultimate, supremo cycling song

The beach boys – California Girls


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