Day 34 – Valras-Plage to Sigean

All in all, today was not a good day for cycling. 1st of all, I got battered by 20mph headwinds right in my face. I tried as much as I could to make myself as aerodynamic as possible, but there is only so much you can do with a gigantic rucksack on your back. I achieved as much as 6km, before deciding to stop for a coffee.

Still a bit hesitant to go out again, I forced myself into doing my only bit of life admin (this blog), before checking the weather. It wasn’t good. Where I was, it was forecast for storms in a couple of hours (Mr Willy Walker – get yourself a weather app, they are really good). This was enough to encourage me to get my skates on and try out run the bad boy.

A achieved a further 10kms towards the Spanish border and the wind had upgraded itself to 1st class wind mixed with rain. Fortunately I was in a town and took shelter in a heavily populated train station. Making the most of the free wifi, I had a couple of hours of Skype time with my slice of home, Joe. Talking to him, I couldn’t help but miss chilling with the guy, part taking in a bit of Saturday home baking the way it should be done.

Meanwhile, the weather must of had a long look in the mirror and sorted itself out. Back on the bike, and once again heading for Spain, it was all looking good ……..NAAAAAHHH!!!!

This is how the weather proceeded to fuck me;

-So I’m cycling down a narrow road. On my left, the Mediterranean Sea, on my right a bay with some sharp jagged rocks, I got a cross wind hitting me in a strong constant smashing, seemingly trying its fucking hardest to push me into these water hazards.

-Thw motherfucking rain decided to join the party, hitting me from every angle, making me feel like I’m taking a ride in a washing machine. With any sort of eye protection on, you can’t see through it. Without any sort of eye protection on, you are reduced to an awkward squint through your eyelashes.

-HELLO!!! Thunder and lighting, I haven’t missed you at all. It was the catalyst the encouraged the 1st two weather elements to up their game and made me feel like I was riding my bike through the set of Twister.

I heard someone once say that cycling through weather like this builds character. FUCK THAT!!!! There is such a thing as too much character I thought and was reminded of some Sean Locke stand up where he says about some one who is described as ‘a bit of a character, is usually ‘a bit of a dick head’

Enough was enough. I took shelter under a bridge until the worst of it had passed. By this time it was 8pm and I thought it would be a good plants find somewhere to camp ASAP, get an early night, and save my juice for tomorrow.


The wind continued to act like a horny teenager and rampantly proceeded to fucking my tent all night long, stopping only for occasional water breaks, and then right back at it, keeping me awake like an inconsiderate fucker.

“Riders on the storm”

-Jim Morrison


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