Day 32 – Montpellier to Lac du Salagou

Meeeeh it was a groggy slow morning. I spent the first 2 hours hiding away in a lovely air conditioned station, slowly coming back to life and making plans for the day. I settled on the idea of a 70km ride north to a lake. It was 40C+ once more and my plan was to chill out in that bay boy when I got there and cool down my body.

MAAAAAAAANNN, I was sweating. It was dripping off me like a leaking tap. At one point I pulled my phone out to take a picture but NAAAAAAHHH, the screen was just too wet to respond to my fingers. BUMMER.

Eventually I got there and wasted little to no time, stripping down and ran in Baywatch style.

Once I had cooled down all my muscles (bulging quads, shredded 6 pack, calves to die for, and guns so sculpted, they wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery, oh yeah and my little chicken chest) I found me a little place in the hills to camp. My new thing is sleeping next to cemeteries, (it sounds a bit dark I know) as they all have a tap with drinkable water at their entrance (this one also had a random phantom plug socket out front too)

For supper I finished half a Camembert with a baguette (I’m so fucking French these days) and podcasted myself to sleep.

New number 1, ultimate, supremo cycling song

Kiss – I was made for lovin’ you


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