Day 31 – Arles to Montpellier (via Aigues-Mortes)

As soon as I opened my eyes I was chugging water hard, finishing most of a 2 litre bottle before I got moving. By the time it was 11:30 it was already 41C. When you cycle down long straight roads in this heat, there is such a heat shimmer, reflecting from the road, that it’s reminiscent of old school racing games on the mega drive, where the background scenery would seemingly just randomly generate from nothing.

Because I was sticking to the coastline, it meant that it was more or less all flat, but I did encounter a lot of great beaches and port towns.

I found a town called Aigues-Mortes, which was essentially an entire town inside a castle wall. As you would expect it was crazy busy with tourists, but remained awesome nonetheless. Trying to get a quick taste for the place, I had a look inside the cathedral and visited an art gallery. I wish I could have stayed for some dinner, but it also had unbearably high tourist prices, so I had to settle for a couple more miles of bike riding for a supermarket dinner.

(This dude below was walking out the supermarket with his wife and kids. I asked if he spoke English and knew what his t-shirt said…..he didn’t. I still thought he was bad ass)

Montpellier was just a little further along the coast and was just simply a case of following a cycle path along the beach until I got there.

Setting myself up in the train station was my agenda. I started eating my way through a tub of energy recovering cous cous. I was approached by a Spanish girl, who asked if what time the station was open until and then asked if I could look after her bags whilst she went in search of a toilet. Meanwhile 4 Slovakian hitch hikers sat next to me. 2 of them were in a hip hop band and one of them made earrings. After a short amount of chat time, we all decided that we would find a park to camp in and have a bit of a party for the night.

Once again I was treated to another musical performance and once again I was inhebriated in no time.

“Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimmmmme some of that hip-hop, baby, baby”

-N.A.S.A. (The artist and not the space agency)


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