Day 7 – The forest to the woods

After another shitty morning weather wise which seems to be consistent in these parts. I got smashed with loads of hill climbs for breakfast which isn’t an ideal start to the day, let alone after a week of 1200km+. The map on my phone wasn’t working as I couldn’t get any signal. So I reluctantly used the GPS on my garmin as it cains the battery.

It turns out that in the French countryside no shops open past 3pm which was killer as I didn’t have much food and I was still at least 50 miles from Rennes. My stomach was hating on me hard as I hadn’t fed it much else apart from energy gels.

After what seemed like an eternity I got to a town called Fougrés (where the TdeF was the day before). There was a medieval style castle there which had a crepe tie next to it which was still open. I spent 14 euros stuffing my face with all kinds of crepes I was that hungry

My GPS was acting like a mother fucker as it started taking me down unpaved trails. I ended up getting a puncture as the light was disappearing. I decided to call it a night

I set up the tent in the forest and then I only gone and got my bloody 1st ever fire going didn’t I?

“Sunday, Bloody Sunday”

-Alan Partridge


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