Day 6 – Le Harve to 100 miles towards Rennes

Woke up to some heavy cloud cover. It was far too cold for a morning beach shower. So after a quick wet wipe bath and a toothbrush I set off straight away. 

Getting out of Le Harve was a shit time (seems to be a theme) as the direction I was heading there was massive river mouth in the way. The only bridge over it was a motorway toll road which I couldn’t get anywhere near. It meant riding 15 miles down the road till I found some boats that were crossing.

There was a boulangerie across the other side which was just what I needed. I’m getting quite fond of my daily lunch pastries. You know the saying – when in France…… Eat shit loads of cakes

After lunch the clouds still still hadn’t broken down yet but it was starting to get hot and therefore humid. I was regretting not taking that freezing cold shower as I was starting to get sticky from the cocktail of hill climbs and heat. I passed a little babbling stream that was looking tempting. A decision had to be made and I chose the ‘get your self in there son’ option. SOOOO refreshing

Continuing on I passed a road side cafe which had free wifi. So I stopped in for a baguette and coffee and angles a couple of friends

After that morale boost I was high on life once more. So I put a slamming 2 hour 2manydjs set on and decided that when it finished that’s where I would sleep that night.

I ended up pitching my tent in some random woods and I have to say I’m getting pretty decent at it (I’m no Joe Crum)

Today feels like  starting to find my rythem.

“I get by with a little help from my friends”



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