Day 30 – Marseille to Arles

I wake up to some noise in the kitchen. Laurence was in the process of making some farewell pancakes. It was a very welcome surprise and a killer move. Who doesn’t like pancakes for breakfast?

We had a ‘goodbye, I’m gonna miss you sesh’ and I was ready to leave in my new, super questionable cycling jersey.

My batteries and legs were fully refreshed and I had no mountains to climb. The bike riding was mostly easy, but the intense heat was forcing me into regular breaks

I did have another run in with a snake, and was within inches of riding over it. My reaction was to pull a stupid grossed out face and squeal out like a 6 year old girl (real manly stuff).

Stopping to get some electricity and wifi from McDonald’s, I had a chat with my buddy Joe C until it got dark.

I headed into Arles to see what I could see. I wasn’t disappointed, as there was a beautiful Roman amphitheater, which it sounded like there was a bit of French stand up taking place. As I couldn’t understand it, I continued on. Just around the corner there was a jazz band playing in a romantic street setting

I stayed and watched for an hour, enjoying the music and the night. I did leave how ever when a couple of germans, that were too drunk and were just making an ass out of themselves started hassling the band. Fucking Bavarians.

“IM BACK, I’m back in the saddle again”



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