Day 3 – London to somewhere south of Calais (via Dunkirk)

So setting of a bit blazed probably wasn’t the greatest idea as I done about 3 laps of Leightonstone before I managed to work out which direction was the right one. Eventually working it out I took a trip past the Olympic stadium and velodrome. Somehow as if looking at a couple of buildings might inspire me in some way haha. It didn’t

Leaving London on a bike is hell. It essentially rained all the way to Dover and I was a bit worried all my electronics would get fucked. But it was worry in vein and they still work and the world is still spinning and everything will be fine.

The original plan was to get the ferry to Calais, but there was still super delays at their port. The woman that worked at the ticket counter said it would probably be quicker for me to go to Dunkirk instead, which meant an additional 40km to my cycling plans and I was minus 3 hours of travelling time. To make up for the set back, my first experience of cycling in France was cycling in the dark until 2am. All just so I could catch a stage of the Tour de France at Abbeville.

C’est typical of someone from the UK, I came straight off the boat far too excited to use my brain, I go the wrong way around a roundabout. HONK-HONK!!!! From a few pissed of (and quite rightly) eastern block lorry drivers


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