Day 29 – Marseille, Cassis, Marseille

Today was yet another one of life’s uber relaxing, easy going days. I had the ‘oh so horrible’ tasking of finding myself multiple beaches to hang on for the day.

Laurence was working till 6, but until then I was only focused on colouring in my white bits. Probably excelling on it a bit too well as my shoulders had gone a bit red and felt like they were radiating heat all night.

I returned to a quiet little beach, which I had been shown on my brief tour of Marseille when I had arrived. I joined some locals for some cliff leaping acrobats into the water below. They were impressed by my front flip, but I didn’t tell them that I definitely over rotated and managed to smash my balls on impact almost to the point of wanting to VOM.

In the evening, me and the crazy French lady took a bike ride to the next town to find as a restaurant for a bit of fish dinner. Apparently we would be taking the bike ride easy, but she has a competitive spirit and likes to race.

We ended up finding a place away from the tourists. It was just what we were looking for, quiet yet, fun. It was also as close you can get to eating in the sea without getting wet.

Time seemed to pass so so quickly as we got comfortable on the heavily padded beach sofas, and before we had even checked the time it was 1:30am. I won’t lie, I was a bit drunk and Laurence was impressing the locals with my recent cycling achievements. I had them prodding my thighs and was receiving some ‘wow bravos’. They hooked us up with a couple of Lemomcellos, before we cycled back over a col in the dark.

We were acting like a couple of wild kids coasting along the coast singing ‘Kool and the gang – Celebration’ as loud as we could go. Still racer girl was trying to out pace me all the way home.

Getting back we stayed up till 4:30 and I received a lovely new super pink, skin tight cycling Jersey.

“Every one around the world COME ON. Ba da dum da, dum da da da WOOOO HOO”

-Kool and the gang


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