Day 28 – A rest day in Marseille+ Week 4 Review

Today I did not much. Here is a list;

-fed the chickens

-watered the vegetables and plants

-cycled to the supermarche

-cut my hair

-made some aubergine parmigiana

-drank some wine

-listened to music


….and then decided that is stay with Laurence for one more day

I have a serious case of ‘one more day syndrome’ pretty hard right now

Week 4 Review

All in all, a killer week. The end was such a contrast to the start. Started sour and ended sweet. At points I struggled to stay positive, but now I cannot hide my smile. Thanks to some cool people (some I’ve known for most of my life and one recent dudette) my adventure is still on the right track. I appreciate what I have in life right now and it would be an understatement to suggest that I’m off my tits on happiness right now

Good people, good times


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