Day 27 – Marseille, Cassis, Ciotat, Ceyreste, Marseille (Laurence route)

I woke up with a much expected spring in my step, more than happy to have a night off the tent.

Madame made a neat bit of porridge and earl grey for breakfast and mapped out a challenging bike ride for me to take before she went to work.

Dropping me off in the city centre so I could do some run of the mill touristy stuff pre-cycle. I got bored of it pretty quickly because apparently I’m pretty unfulfilled with the amount of time I’ve spend riding my bike recently

The 1st stopping point of the day, was a cool little sea side town called Cassis. It was a beauty of a place covered in sunshine and chilled vibes. After chilling on the beach for about an hour, I set off once more.

The next part of the pre planned route was as tough as a 6 foot 3, built like a brick shit house, bad ass mother fucker who doesn’t care about nothing. It was 33C and the road was 20% for about 1km. Maybe I had played it to cool when I was telling Laurence it would be easy, as I was hating her so bad for suggesting that I ride up his beast. The road was called ‘Le route des Crête’. It sounds like it should be a gentle beach ride, but I counted 3 people that had dismounted their bikes and opted to push them up.

Once I eventually conquered the hard part of the ascent and the sweat dripping from me had slowed down, Les route des Crête transformed into something that was to be enjoyed. The view of where I had been 400m below previously was A-MAZE-ING!!!  The water was so clear and I couldn’t help myself but do a machismo style bike celebration on the cliff edge. 

I was once again treated to the beauty of a beach town. This time I found my way to Ceyreste. As I pedalled away, the next leg shredder, she had in store for me was a col. Fortunately for me it stopped being signposted before I found my way to the top and I didn’t really look for it too hard as I had already done 2000 meters of climbing

As I arrived back in Marseille, the street I had to ride down was jam packed with football fans, as they had just played Juventus in a friendly. There were thousands of people choking up the street, all in a great mood and I couldn’t help but shout at the top of my voice ‘OLAY, OLAY, MARSEILLE’

Meeting up with Laurence once more after work, we done a bit of kamikaze street cycling through the city traffic. Once we arrived back, it was decided that it stay for one more night to rest my tired mussels.

“BICYCLE, BICYCLE. I want to ride my BI-CYCLE, I want to ride my BIKE”

-Freddie Mercury


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