Day 26 – Manosque to Marseille

I wake up at 3am freezing my balls off. I went into my bag, and put most of my clothes on to rectify the situation. I wake up again at 8am, this time sweating my tits off. So I get undressed and make the most of a near by sprinkler to rectify the situation. There is probably a lesson I should learn from that some where.

My work (it’s totally not work) for today, was to ride to Marseille. It was easy breezy and mostly downhill. I was blessed to be joined once again by my good buddy ‘the sun’ for this one. I could tell I was getting close to the Mediterranean again, as the shrubby bush lands had been replaced by palm trees and aloe vera plants.

I had 2 intentions when I arrived. The first was to get myself into the mother fucking sea, and the other was to get myself some sweet as food.

It proved to be a tough task, as at first I found myself at a big shipping port. Not really idea for a dip.


So I’m at a shopping centre. A bit hesitant to lock my bike up outside as it looked a bit sketchy. I like to think of myself a stealthy cat that can slip past security with the grace of Catwoman. So I think fuck it. I gonna take my bike in and no one will notice WROOONG!!!  Kicked out before I had a chance to work out what direction I was going in.

A little disheartend by what happened. I went outside to change my shoes and work out a new game plan. As I was sorting my shit out, I caught eyes with another cyclist and we have each other a mutual ‘yeah you know that bikes all cool mother fucker’ sort of look at each other

As I set off, she caught up with me whilst I was faffing around with my head phones. We got talking and one of the first things she said to me was “I’m obsessed with cycling”. Obviously a big time enthusiast myself, the conversation came naturally. As we carried on cycling she gavee a brief tour of the coast of Marseille.

We the. Introduces ourselves properly and I learnt her name was Laurence (a guys name in your country as she put it). That night she said a friend had bailed on some plans they had made and offered me a hot shower and a place to stay. I’m no sucker and would be a fool to turn her down.

It was awesome. Once again I had found myself in a world of comforts and she sorted me out with everything I could have needed. She made dinner whilst I showered (I did have to use some chef skills to save the day)

She also offered me the chance to leave my stuff there and spend one more day cycling the area and spend the night at her house again. Another no brainier desiocion was made with ease

“Stars in the sky, you know how I feel”

-Nina Simone


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