Day 23 – Bourg D’Oisans to Grenoble (Alps)

Camping next to a waterfall seems like a great romantic idea in essence. But in actual fact, what it does is put so much moisture in the air, that everything in the local vicinity with a layer of water making it damp and cold

Heading to the bank as soon as they opened, to get myself out of this predicament was the order of the day.

After trying 2 banks in town to no prevail, I quickly headed to the next town (Allemont), hoping for better luck. No good there either.

I decided that my best bet was probably to head for the nearest city. It happened to be Grenoble and it was 40 miles away.

Employing every energy saving trick I could think of, I was drafting whenever possible, breaking as little as possible and even drinking hotter water instead of chilled just trying to make my task as easy as I could.

Fortunately it was mostly downhill all the way. But when I did arrive, It was the same out come. Trying everywhere I could find, I was growing bored of the words ‘it is not possible to get money here for you’

I was seriously starting to sweat. In the end I asked desperately a woman from ‘Le Banque Postale’ if she could think of ANYTHING at all that could help me.

“Perhaps at the Moneygram, it is possible a friend could send you some money”

DUUUUURRR!!!!!  Of course. I was very much suffering this one out by myself. I have 3 ducking great friends back home, who I have no problem admitting to when I need some help and right now, I badly  needed their help. They were the olive branch I needed to pull me from this hole

I was waiting in the Moneygram as time seemed to pass so slowly. Each minute, seemingly a lifetime. I know a solution was on the horizon. But it was agony waiting.

I didn’t manage to get the cash today. But what these 3 heroic knights of mine had done was make me feel so much better and hooked me up in the form of a hotel for the night.

I checked in and all the world seemed like it would be ok once again. I hit up a super marche to get some food to kill off the hunger. I called the guys to hand out a tonne of thank yous.

Having a bloody good shower and making the most of the bath tub to wash my cycling stuff I was a very happy boy.

Even though I’m very much alone on this cycling adventure. I’m also aware that I couldn’t do it on my own. Without the help of these 3 heroes of mine, I would be so so lost.

Thanks boys.

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners that make our souls blossom”

-Marcel Proust


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