Day 22 – Another day off (Bourg D’Oisans)(Alps)

This morning I woke up, packed my shit up to depart from my new address of

1 Rue D’Alpe D’Huez.

I hated the fact that I was loading all this extra weight back onto my poor bike again. I guess I’ve just had a taste of racing my bike around once more, rather that the slow and steady riding I’ve become accustomed to over this past month

I made my way into town to pick up some cashish, only to find that French banks don’t open till Tuesday’s. BAAAAAHHH, I was stuck for one more day

I headed back to my tent to set myself up for one more night. As I arrived to where I had been, boooooom!!!! it was gone.

I was stuck and now homeless.

Of Course my surrounding area was beautiful and a Mecca for cyclists. The problem I had was, cycling costs energy, energy costs food, food costs money which at the moment (and I hate the fact) was a precious resource to me

For a few hours, I bummed around town stealing wifi from various coffee shows and restaurants. I had to spend

€15 on a shitty beach tent thing out of fear that it would rain hard again and I really didn’t want another night drenching.

It’s a strange situation for me to be in. I’m really happy I have the opportunity to be in a place like this. But at the moment it seems like I’m looking at it from inside a cave. The mountains and landscapes are teasing me, showing me how good it could be. But I can’t make the most of

It because of this smeggy situation I’m in.  For sure I’m going to miss this place, but the way things have gone,

I just want to get moving again, back on the road and chasing the unknown.

“Show me the money”

-Jerry Maguire


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