Day 21 – A ride around Rhone Alpes (Alps)

Today was simply a day for me to enjoy. So that’s what I did. Taking a trip to my local waterfall A.K.A the shower, was how I started it. A Spanish couple walked past whilst I was but naked and they gave me a cheer. I turned and gave them a pose.

I also finally bit the bullet and shaved my legs. Really not looking forward to the grow back and the general up keep that’s likely to follow.

I then headed into town to pick up a few bits and prepped myself for a bike ride around this wonderful area.

I managed to pedal my way through 100km bike ride and not once did it feel like a chore. I can see why the area is so loved by cyclists.

Today was my turn to attack and take down some cols. I was buffy and my bike was the stake I was using to ram through the hearts of these bad bitches. I climbed over 2200 meters high in total.

There was still a lot of British people hanging around town for one more day (supposedly as there is no where like this back home), so it was great to chat to so many people. As I cycled past one couple, a man shouted in a strong West Country accent “HOLME FUCKING MOSS, There’s always one of you Yorkshire cunts about” it made me laugh hard and I slowed down to have a conversation with him. Whilst another man who was actually a member of Holme moss cycling club was a bit more friendly in his approach rode with me for a while

Heading back to my new address of 1, Rue D’Alpe D’Huez, I remembered that I had a blow up pillow inside my bag that I got from the caravans.

“I got sunshine on a cloudy day”

-The Temptations


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