Day 2 – Warwick to London

Again, (and for the last time in a while) a route I have cycled before. Not really too much to report from a cycling point of view, although I did have my 1st puncture  (1-0 to the Halfords dude).

I did travel through a town called Towcester (pronounced toaster – got to love the English language)

I stayed with Nocchi and the gang in Leightonstone. It was a pretty awesome way to spend my last night in the country as they were some fantastic Italian people (crazy, but that’s the way I like them). From the moment I walked through the door I was looked after big time. It was like BOOOOM here’s your dinner. Just what I need but felt a bit bad as I was too tired to converse for a while. I shared my plans for my trip and Marta suggested I take a boat to Sicily and then to the north of Italy which would take about a day and cost 35 euro. It sounded  like a sweet way to spend a day as she made it seem as if I’d get treated like a passenger on a cruise.

Big shout out to Chi-cho (fuck knows on the actual spelling) who managed to get out of bed before 1300 to make me some eggs and treated me to a morning jay to see me off


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