Day 11 – Yves to Bordeaux via Roquefort

Today was a sweet ass MOTHERFUCKING day!! Despite waking up in a hot stuffy tent. Unbewittingly I slept next to a hotel for dogs which I missed in the pitch black of night. Bitches be keepin’ me up all night (they didn’t, I just wanted to say it)

I pedalled the first 15 miles of the day into Roquefort with a Swiss family who come on cycling holidays to these parts almost every year.

I done my normal stocking up on electricity and supplies then got the fuck out of there. Just like leaving Le Harve, there was a massive river mouth in the way of my leaving with a distinct lack of bridges near by. I wasn’t falling for that old 15 miles down the road till I could cross thing again.

I found a weird sort of passenger bridge that did crossings for 1.60 euros. I went into the cafe next to the bridge to enquire about buying a ticket. The guy in their told me in a ‘I’m fed up of telling you English shit heads’ sort of way, that you had to buy the tickets whilst on board the bridge crossing.

So I made him a new sign in english to help out for future askers. I guess I’m doing so I made his little French day as he fucking loved me after that. So much so that he ran out of the shop just before I boarded and gave me a thank you post card.

Heading south down France I crossed into the Champagne region meaning that the vast fields of sunflowers we’re going to be exchanged for vin yards

My bike was running as smooth as a baby cucumbers arse, I had plenty of food and water and things were looking good. I time trialled my arse off and made it to the outskirts of Bordeaux by half past midnight

“Get your shit together boy, then take that shit to the next level”

-Joe Rogan


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