Day 10 – South Nantes to Yves via La Rochelle and Chantannay

This morning my tent smelt so so good. I had a baguette aux provonce in my bag which gave the place a stong smell of rosemary and thyme.

I gave my bike a good clean because if a clean bike had a mouth, it would be smiling.

The weather today was good, a little too good for my liking. So I I got as far as Chantannay and chilled for a couple of hours. I ended up buying a panettone which was the TITS! And I was just generally exciting about getting one this early in the year. So glad I managed to strap it to my panniers

My next goal was to get my arse as far as I could towards Bordeaux which was still 160 miles away. Along the way I got lost trying to take a short cut. I ended up getting two punctures and my rear mech started spazzing out (I was stressing as messing with gears always unsettles me as it is for sure my bike maintenance Achilles heel)

To make up for lost time, I cycled until 2am again. Tonight was a beaut for star gazing as the sky was so clean and there was no synthetic light around for miles. I ended up pitching my tent in a farmers field and put a Planetary Radio podcast on




Pluto’s diameter has finally been pinned down to 2370+/-20km. Which makes it the biggest exoplanet in the Kyper belt. It is also very round meaning it had a lot of gravity


Kepler 138b is one of 3 planets orbiting a star which is 200 light years away. The exciting thing about it is, it is the 1st time we have been able to measure the size and mass of a planet smaller than Earth which is so far away


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