Day 1 – Sheffield to Warwick (via Nuneaton)

I’ve already ridden this one a few times this year. So it’s not going to be the biggest challenge I will come across in the recent future I’m sure. Even with the extra baggage that I wasn’t quite used to it was a breeze. Just had to amend my cycling style to accommodate the weight.  I played it cool in front of the dude in Halfords who said I was brave to be doing it with all that luggage on a road bike

I stopped in at Nuneaton to see my auntie Babs and my cousin, and also met a little new baby of the family. We shared an excessive amount of kisses as that seemed to be is thing. I excused his our behaviour I’m dramatic fashion by proclaiming “get all the kisses in now as i may die on this trip”

After that brief stop, I continued on to mums house. My first night of freedom and travelling and I’m staying at my mums house. YAAAAAYYY!!!


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